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Hamelsworde Brewery - Aunty Pat's Christmas Ale 5%

Pour - This beer poured with a wonderful burnt orange colour, good Carbonation and a off white, one fingered head.
Aroma - On the nose you get vanilla, cinnamon, digestive biscuit, nutmeg, caramel and raisins. Oh this smells like a Christmas pudding
Flavour - The first thing you pick up is a light gentle, sweet, cinnamon notes, which melts into lovely, buttery toffee notes. The beer is also packed full of rich deep plump raisins, which are licked in vanilla. The malts used In this beers makes it nice and chewy and gives it a great mouth feel. The vanilla is nice and sweet and gives this beer a wonderful richness and deep creamyness. The malts are nice and biscuity with a touch of caramel and these are complemented with the raw spice of nutmeg. Best Christmas beer to date.
Finish - it's like drinking a Christmas Cake. Spicey and malty.
Score - This for me is an 8.5 out of 10.

A great beer, which was purchased from Bier Huis and I hope to try more of this brewery's beer in 2014.